We believe in restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of St Ouen's Manor and Gardens, and bringing this historic house into the 21st century. 

Our projects focus on restoration, conservation, creativity and community. We support and protect the Manor's heritage and traditions, and balance these with contemporary ideas to create beautiful and interesting experiences that weave history and modernity for a sustainable future.



From stone and woodwork to flowers and fields, the Manor and Gardens are being expertly restored by local specialists and craftsmen using traditional techniques alongside new and innovative methods. To date, this has included paintings, interiors, sections of roof and windows, as well as replanting the walled garden, and replenishing our woods and meadows.



St Ouen's Manor is moments from a stunning panoramic view over St Ouen’s bay and the west coast, and is situated in a parish of rural countryside and wild nature reserves. We are therefore committed to protecting and encouraging the natural environment of our estate, and finding ways we can improve its sustainability for a greener future.



St Ouen's Manor is developing a platform for artists, musicians and other creative projects to explore and create new work that will be performed or displayed at the Manor or in the grounds. We would be delighted to receive submissions or proposals for ideas.



We are passionate about being a part of Jersey's community. Alongside our private events calendar, we host special events throughout the year to support and raise funds for a wide range of Jersey charities. We are also engaging individual communities and groups across the island, and dedicating an onsite space to the Jersey charity Floral Angels.